2006 Suzuki swift 1.2 turbo diesel

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2006 Suzuki Swift 1.2 turbo dieselManual gearbox5 door120,000 miles (approx)Lots of work completed months before the car died including new lower arms, top mounts, front discs and pads, front tyres. The car has Been well looked after during my 7 year ownership but sadly died on a dual carriageway last year, the AA reported lack of compression so the car was delivered to my home where it has sat since. I quickly bought a replacement car and the fault was never investigated so the car is sold as a non running spares/ repair vehicle. Cosmetically the car is good aside from a dent to the drivers door. The interior is good and free from noteworthy wear above and beyond what you’d expect on a vehicle with this age/ mileage. £600 ONO the car must be trailored away, no time wasters