2007 Ford Mondeo Titanium X Estate 2.2 tdci Spares or Repair

£500.00 (as of 27 July 2020, 5:19 am)

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Best car I’ve ever had, 2007 Ford Mondeo Titanium X Estate 2.2 TDCi Never really been into Fords but this fell in my lap for no brainier money.I’ve had faster, more economical, more comfortable, cooler, cheaper and more spacious cars before but none that did it all at once. Cheap to run, maintain and insure, goes like a stabbed rat empty, pulls like a train loaded up or towing, like driving a sofa around with the nice interior, tidy enough to be presentable, tatty enough to park anywhere, whilst being completely invisible to old bill, 500 miles to a £65 tank, more if you don’t drive like a twat (me), and you can get 3 bodies in the boot, 6 with the seats down (not joking, it’s massive). Driven it all over, Scotland, Belgium, France, Germany, no issue. Alloys, heated and cooled half leather interior, heated screen, hands free Sony stereo and aux, tow bar with working electrics, cruise control, etc. Had brakes all round October last year, new tyres and full service just before Christmas, and new clutch and dual mass flywheel in February, and with the lockdown I reckon it’s not done 1000 miles since. MOT til December. In 3 years of ownership it’s never let me down, until the other week.Conked out, started but ran rough. Diagnosed fuel issue, replaced a couple of injectors (£150 each) it ran sweet again for a week or so then did the same. Now try’s but won’t start. Brimmed the tank 2 days before it packed up as well. Hadn’t intended to get rid cos I think it’s ace, but now I’m back at work and I’ve stumbled on something a bit more retro to daily, I don’t have the time or enthusiasm to find out what’s wrong with this now, just want it off the drive. Fix it or pilfer it for parts. No silly offers, worth the asking price in spares/parts and scrap weight.Full disclosure in case you want to fix it, it’s on the register for a crumpled rear bumper before my ownership. You can’t tell. Should go without saying but it won’t drive away, you’ll need a trailer/recovery truck. Cash on collection 07921 858652