barn find mini mayfair

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Hello,I have for sale My Mini Mayfair Auto, It is a Barn Find ,it is in very good condition as far as i can see ,i would say it’s 95% rust free ,i cleaned the carburetor and put in clean fuel fitted a new battery and it fired up, the engine sounds a sweet as a nut ,I drove it up an down the runway and it runs fine,But i do not know the mechanical condition of the car, The floor pan and the boot is rust free, Its not perfect but it is nearly 30 years old , this as far as i know has had two female owners it’s Automatic and was put away in 2008 DRY stored ,(In a Barn) the paint work is in good condition except the roof it had a tilt on and it’s lifted the Laquer ,no big deal to repair,i have loads of paper work showing what work was carried out the last thing was in 2008 was to have a new gear box fitted and its works fine quite a few old Mot’s,I have the green part of the log book I think it’s on soan The low miles 43.000 show on the inside it’s very very clean no marks or stain’s had fitted Mini carpets since new no wear to the carpet, I have put a picture of it on my trailer ,i will sell the trailer as well as the car it’s a brilliant little trailer you would not know it’s behind your car or van it’s breaked all refurbished ask for price ,I have an offer for the car that offer is my starting price. If the buyer buy’s the car and the trailer i could deliver it for them at cost of fuel ,The car is sold as spares or repairs because it has stood for twelve years and will need recommissioning..please no part exchange if i needed a car i would keep this one ,swap yes Vincent HRD square four Morgan ECT LOL … On 12-Jun-20 at 19:07:30 BST, seller added the following information: Hello all, I am sorry i am slow answering your questions but i don’t get much time to get onto the computer ,I put the car on ebay as an auction as i do not know what its worth,yes it’s in good condition and very low miles and an automatic BUT i don’t know it’s worth hence a auction ,i have been told by many it’s worth £4000 well lets see i have received 28 emails of how much do i want for it !!!!!!! On 13-Jun-20 at 08:38:14 BST, seller added the following information: I have had so many questions about the trailer so the bed is 173cms wide and 300cms long overall width is 210cms and total length is 380cms it had a break overhaul new cable and two new tyres it’s a brilliant little trailer will need a new board lighting not selling it until car is sold incase i need it to deliver the car