Ford Anglia 105E 123E Genuine 1500GT Engine.

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Ford Anglia Super Fitted with a Genuine 1500GT Engine. Registered 23.09.64, MOT and TAX exempt, Taxation class – Historic Vehicle. Comes with a bag full of history, five former keepers and has been in our ownership since the 11.11.15. My husband had nicknamed her the “Problem Child” but with a lot of care and attention she now behaves, is reliable and drives very well. After we purchased her we found that there was a lot needing attention which we had not expected. Over time we have steadily gone through everything, the last time we took her for mot our MOT tester who is a Classic and American Car enthusiast took her for a “test drive” and came back saying that she is the best driving and handling Anglia he has ever driven. We also took the opportunity to see her close up on the ramps and were able to see that the floor pan was good and solid. This Anglia is not standard and has been modified much as we would have liked to be able to have done in our younger years. Engine – The engine is a genuine 1500GT (recently serviced), using a new Weber 32/36 Carburettor and Ram Air Filter. The distributor has been rebuilt and the radiator has been recently been re-cored using a larger core. We have fitted a new motorsport electric fuel pump, motorsport fuel regulator with new uprated fuel line with motorsport filter to the tank. In addition a new starter solenoid with new cable from the solenoid to the starter and to the battery terminal, with new negative cable back to the battery and new terminals. Alternator – She has been converted to Alternator 12 volt negative. Gearbox – this is the original gearbox in good order, we have drained and filled with fresh oil, the clutch is good. Differential – She is currently fitted with a 3.89 with fresh oil and we also have 4.4 diff which we are selling separately. Braking – With respect to the braking we fitted new front callipers’ with braided lines and competition brake pads, the existing discs were in good condition. We have also fitted a new larger master cylinder suiting the disc conversion. The rear drums we found were fitted with incorrect sized brake shoes, ones for a 997 Anglia not an 1197 Super. These were removed the drums were machined and new shoes of the correct size fitted. Exhaust System and Manifold – The engine manifold and exhaust system are both custom hand-built in stainless steel, the exhaust system is side-exit, slash cut. Suspension and handling – The front suspension has been converted to front strut the fitted legs were we believe Leda, the inserts were shot at and we have fitted new inserts from Gaz along with adjustable top mounts and new 170lb front springs. This is complimented with adjustable track control arms and a double front anti-roll bar with uprated bushes. The rear suspension is converted to Gaz adjustable shock absorbers and lowered with 2” blocks. She has also been fitted with a Cortina Kit from the axle to the springs, modified to fit which has tied the leaf-spings to the axle eliminating twist and improved the handling. Wheels and Tyres – Fitted with 6×13 Weller steel wheels complimented by 185/60/13 tyres. We also have a set of Cobra Super Slots which we are selling separately. Body and Interior – She is structurally sound, the external paintwork is not perfect but generally tidy and sound, whoever painted the car before clearly forgot though to key in the engine compartment before painting it, we were horrified when the paint started floating off. This was something we intended to sort as also the rest of the interior but have not got round to it. Inside she is fitted with Ridgard Bucket seats, sliding frame on the driver’s seat and Harnesses. New speedometer with cable, we set this to the mileage as read at the time but obviously being a 56 year old car though it is 35K, this cannot be relied on. If there is anything specific you would like to know please feel free to ask. Genuine interest please, we are happy to share our time. We do ask that we are respected as we have no wish to waste anyone’s time when we ask for no trade, no timewasters, test drivers, tyre kickers or pleasure riders and no part-exchanges either please. We can be contacted on 07442506480.