Land rover Defender Stretch 6X4 boat launcher chassis

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Hi guys, this auction for the chassis only…. So this is my LaunchRover!!I used to enjoy wakeboarding but a persistant back problem means ive to give it up.I intend to convert it back to a 110 and sell the boat and wondered if the chassis would be of any interest to anyone.Its a simple stretch with box welded between the front and rear sections. the rear axle is not driven.I would include the custom propshafts and the rear axle.I did think about getting a caravan and mounting it instead of the boat but ive allready got a van for that. If anyone is interested I would consider sensible offers for the whole vehicle with or without the boat so here is some info just incase…..The body is pretty sound but with bubbling here and there as to be expected.The engine is a 3.5 v8 with 20 thou overbore and block skim to increase compression. It has 4 barrel carb with performer manifiold. Has impco LPG vaporiser and mixer (very reliable), new tubular headers.Steering box, all brake calipers, brake pipes and most of the suspention parts were new 4 years ago when it was built.It had an mot on it last year but is currently not mot’d, I can get a test on it if required.It sounds very nice and cracks allong nicely even with all that weight behind it. Allong the chassis is a tackle cupboard and LPG tanks totaling 300L plus 60L petrol tank The boat is a Ski Nautique 2001 of 1989 vintage, (the year that the hull made a great wake!!), it’s a mustang engine which is a ford Windsor 5.8 V8, it’s just been reupholstered and had all the exhaust headers/risers replaced last winter. it’s in great shape. it has 120L LPG tank and 150L petrol tank and runs great on both.The boat has done 1100hrs problems that I am aware of….the LR engine leaks a bit of oilthe LH window doesn’t go all the way upthe screen washers don’t work 07796David951489