Mazda Demio 1.3

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Demio 1.3 16V ( 46kw)Had it for the last 4 years. The car drives good but has some minor problems. Very good on Petrol !!! When you starting you need to turn the key to a position and wait for about 2 seconds (to prime the fuel line), than it starts perfectly any time (I suspect a low fuel pressure-fuel pump).These are on eBay for about 10-15 pounds. My friend think it has slightly worn synchromesh in gearbox (2nd and 3th gear),but I can’t feel that when I drive it.. Good Points:- set of 4 new tyres last year (not budget ones but Japanese Toyo)- new front suspension arms 18 months ago- two new engine mounts- new brake pads a year ago- engine oil and filter last year- gearbox oil last year- 2 CV joints changed last year- CV joints gaiters changed at the same time- it has front sport seats from Mazda RX8,- sport steering wheel from Mazda 323F- white sport dials from Mazda Premacy- new clutch when I bought that in 2016- I am using only Momentum99 premium petrol (Tesco petrol station) for my car (to keep clean injectors and valves)- the car still has 2 Keys- good millage ,I would say about 43mpg (80% city driving) Bad Points:- There is some oil leak (probably from gearbox). – The Speedo were not recalibrated. It shows 125 000miles but the car has done about 80 000miles.You can see the jump (from 55 000 miles to 105 000 miles in 2016) when the speedo was changed in MOT history check on the internet.- The airbag light is on (I suspect Airbag ECU, on eBay for 8 pounds). Other than that the car drives very good and is very reliable. Never let me down!!!The car might be old but it is my very loved friend. I used her for shopping and a school run.Selling because of ULEZ (in London).I need a car I can take behind A406 when ULEZ will be enforced soon. MOT till 16/12/2020. That’s about it…it is as honest description as I could give…I really do not need to hide anything..She is still being in use till her time comes… You pay by Pay Pal or Cash on collection Thank you and Happy Bidding 🙂