Mercedes C180

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This car is a sad tail of lost opportunity. I bought it as a doer up-er 2 years ago and I did just that. Apart from 2 tyres, now in the boot, it was ready for MOT. Then due to freak weather, I think, it refused to start or turn over. The fuse box was very damp. I dried it out and then connected an OBDII tester and it will now not connect to the system. All the bits work, like windows and lights and the dash display etc. The engine is sweet and the gearbox is perfect. It comes with 2 keys and a handbook. There are some scratches on the bodywork, but generally it is good condition. No rips or tears in the seats and the ESP sensors have been replaced to cure the fault it came with. (Quite common apparently). It has a new water pump and thermostat and some suspension parts. Also a full set of mats. It will need to be recovered and trailered away, as it is not driveable as it is. Its a brilliant car for someone who knows what he’s doing or for a spare engine/gearbox with proven low mileage.