Peugeot 206 LX spare or repair

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Peugeot 206 LX – spares or repair. the car is in well used condition which you would expect in a 17 year old car. Its got some dents – on the front passenger wing and on the passenger side sill, along with scratches to the passenger door. The driver mirror doesnt match, its in a gold colour instead of red. The lacquer is peeling on the hatch and on the bonnet and grille. Inside, it could do with a good clean out. There are lots of the usual marks and tiny dents to the bodywork too. The wheel trims dont all match up, 3 of one style and and one other. The radio has been removed. One key available but the central locking doesnt work remotely, but will lock the whole car with the key in the door.V5 document is present along with some service history. The car suffers from a miss fire which has been investigated by my local garage, but hasnt been rectified….the garage suggested it could be the central ECU that is malfunctioning, as they discounted many other possibilities. We decided to retire the car as we had used it in our family for many years as a runabout and had some good use out of it. When we bought it from our local garage, the top end of the engine had been rebuilt. Its always been serviced and repaired as and when, so its probably got some life left in it if you fancy taking it on and sorting out the miss fire.Two of the tyres are in good condition and two are wearing to the limit. The car will start and run but it isnt taxed or MOT’d so cant be run on the road, you will need to tow it away, so dont expect a test drive, it can only be driven around my parking space. It hasnt been driven for a few months and the battery will need a jump start, after I tested it today.