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This is a proper hard-as-nails street/strip car. Ready to race, show, take your kids to school, drive 400 miles to take a bride to her wedding (yes I’ve done all these 😉) . This clip is from Santa Pod 2016, without nitrous… 450hp plus 100hp nitrous. It’s no trailer queen, it has a few scuffs etc but just trivial stuff. It’s used regularly for taking my kids out for picnics, it’s done 4 weddings, one involved an 800 mile round trip to Southsea (averaged 17mpg) It’s been driven to and raced at Santa Pod where I nailed 25 runs in a weekend. I was rubbish and only managed a 12.69s to 109mph, but the car is capable of easy 11’s with the nos. It’s a well known car in the Mopar Muscle Assoc., there’s a comprehensive build thread with every detail. I have hundreds of photos going back to the previous owner in NY State and a thick wad of receipts, etc. I’ve put countless hours into this car, it’s been a labour of love for 16 years and everything has been built to the highest standard and detail. it’s loaded with custom parts and little detail touches. It has enormous potential with some fine tuning and a better driver. It’s breaking mine and my kids’ hearts to sell but sadly it must go. A full bare metal respray was completed to it’s original colour approx. 4 years ago, it’s virtually all original steel with just front floor pans and rear arches replaced. (It has a few little scrapes, etc but this is a well used car!)The motor top end and the gearbox have been recently rebuilt, the rear end and most of the parts listed below were built/ installed new by me. The main details- Full safety cage with chassis connectors. S&W 9″ rear axle with Detroit Locker diff. Chassis Warehouse 4-link rear suspension. QA1 adjustable rear shocks. Strange front struts. Chassisworks billet steering rack. Wilwood front brakes. Mopar alloy master cylinder. Hurst linelok. Brake bias valve. Custom heavy duty propshaft with safety loop. Barry Grant fuel pump & filter. Stainless fuel lines. Trunk mounted fuel cell. 2x Holley fuel regulators. Fibreglass cowl hood. Andover Restraints passenger seatbelts x5. 5 point drivers race harness. Innovate AFR gauge. Sun tachometer, full professional rewire. Cragar S/S 15×14″ forged alloy rear wheels. M/T Street 16.5x15x29″ rear tyres. Cragar S/S 15×6″ chromed alloy front wheels. M/T Sportsman 8.5×15″ Front tyres. Chrysler 360c.i. V8 engine with MP short block. Edelbrock Indy alloy heads with roller rockers. Ultradyne custom solid lifter cam. TTI ceramic coated headers. Custom stainless exhausts. Thrush silencers. Holley 750dp carb with 2″ spacer. M1 hi-rise inlet manifold. Moroso 4″ air filter assy, painted body colour. K&N filter. Milodon deep sump with windage tray. High volume oil pump. ARP bolts throughout. MSD electronic ignition. Mallory HiFire ignition coil. Twin electric fans with electronic control & display. Alloy radiator. NASCAR alloy catch tank. ASH silicone hoses. Hi-torque mini starter. March serpentine pulley set. Chrysler 4-speed manual 18 spline heavy duty gearbox. Quickshift synchro ring assemblies. Hurst Slick Shifter mechanism with reverse lockout. McLeod steel flywheel. McLeod clutch. Lakewood blowproof steel bellhousing. I’ve been asked for more detail on what it’s actually like to drive… It’s fast as hell in a straight line, It corners surprisingly well but you can’t chuck it around! It has discs but they’re lightweight race discs and calipers and no servo, so they’re not brilliant tbh, you could fit bigger discs I guess. The steering is good- it’s been converted to a steering rack. It’s not power but the narrow front tyres mean it’s easy to park etc. The heater’s great, it has a really nice retrimmed bench seat interior with 6 seatbelts, recent carpet, all the trims, dash, controls etc work and are in great condition. The original radio is fitted but not wired up (these are rare as hell £££ !!!) It is very noisy but you could always fit a quieter system if you find it’s too much. It sounds AMAZING though and turns every head. Suspension is great- coilovers all round and 4-link rear. It’s stiff though and only has a couple of inches travel on the fronts, it doesn’t like potholes! It has no choke (like most performance yank V8’s running a Holley). One pump of the throttle (only when cold) then it starts instantly every time. You need to keep blipping it and slipping the clutch a bit till it’s warmed up, then it’s happy all day long, it never overheats. The gearbox is tough but very old technology so it’s not as smooth as modern stuff! You can slam through the gears upshifting but you need to be a bit more gentle on downshifts or it’ll grind. The Hurst shifter ad says “Shift as hard as you like, all you’ll break is your arm”. The clutch isn’t too heavy even in traffic and will take a LOT of punishment. On motorways, it has quite low gearing for racing so I tend to cruise about 65. It’ll happily cruise at 80+ though, if you can afford the fuel ;-)It’s not a car you can just get in and drive and forget about. It’s over 50 years old, and it’s built for racing so it needs a lot of attention. I get under it for a safety check every few weeks, just to check nothings coming loose or leaking, etc. It has no rubber mounts on the motor or suspension so it makes all sorts of clanks and bangs as you’re driving along. It has a couple of minor oil leaks, The paint has a few chips and scratches (I dropped the fibreglass hood so this has a few knocks). The tyres are semi-race so have very little tread pattern. You need to be careful in the rain! The rear tyres are on the limit but I have a brand new set ready to fit. If you wanted to buy proper road tyres I’m happy to knock a bit off the price and keep these tyres. I’m on 07485087786 if you’re still interested! Cheers, Paul